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May. 2nd, 2028

whatever, you are here because of the fate...


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Dec. 26th, 2011


[YET ANOTHER ACCIDENTAL VOICE] Backdated to Christmas morning!!!

[Christmas morning had been relatively quiet for Noel, as she's done nothing so far but kept herself cooped up in her room, looking through the frosted window to watch the snowfall from her desk.

Christmas, in general, involves festivities and presents and joy all around. But for Noel, Christmas always meant something different for her... and this would be the second year in a row where it would mean something more than what she had initially thought.

Not so much angst than from last year--no. This time, she's more... contemplative.

LIKE ALWAYS, the journal starts to magically record without her permission.]

I wonder... how old that would make me now?

Oct. 8th, 2011


Rebel // 68 [Action/Accidental Voice]

[Okay, so there are two parts of this post.

The first is relatively simple; needless to say, the puppy she has been taking care of is a year old by this point... and probably shouldn't be called a puppy anymore. A bear is a better term. But as all dogs are at this age, they have this tendency of being super energetic. And big dog plus energy plus small girl walking huge dog?

Well. Noel's going to have some trouble walking him around Luceti today. Those piles of leaves look awfully fun to jump in, and Noel may as well be dragged along for the ride... despite the fact that the weather is bad for being dragged in the dirt.]
Sooool-- kyah!

[Into the pile of leaves they go!


Well. After that wonderful morning walk experience that Sol must have enjoyed, Noel will somehow manage to lead the dog home. Thankfully, the not!puppy has tired himself out from today, so Noel is... free to get a cleaner set of clothes upstairs, or something. Which she'll do. Unfortunately, the journal is, yet again, recording itself for the village to hear her loud and clear.

That was exhausting... I'm going to need to wash these. [*rustlerustlerustle*...shudder.] It's been getting so cold lately. I guess it's that time of year, huh...? Back in the Academy...



Eh? That's... strange. --Ah! You!

[She charges over to the journal.] Again!? Seriously!?! Is this journal busted or something!? W-Why does it always have to--

[...............] Oh... oh.

[She shuts it. 8|]

Aug. 15th, 2011


Rebel // 67 [Action] Fowarddated to afternoon of 8/16

introspection tl;drCollapse )

[Noel hasn’t forgotten the promise she made over a month ago, and to this day she’s still been trying to find that solution… only to find no real answer. Frustrating? Definitely. But how can she just expect the answer to show up like that? Should she even be expecting to find it here, of all places?

Regardless, after a trip to the library sometime ago, a peculiar book had caught Noel’s attention; a book on… meditation, of all things. Even if it has nothing to do with her issue, she decided to sit down and skim the book anyway, out of sheer curiosity.

"Meditation refers to a family of self-regulation practices that focus on training attention and awareness in order to bring mental processes under greater voluntary control and thereby foster general mental well-being and development and/or specific capacities such as calm, clarity, and concentration."

It’s one lead Noel can look into, even if… well. She… doesn’t really know the first thing about meditating. The next few hours were spent skimming through different books and looking for some sort of technique, and that’s when she found it…


So sometime in the next day, Noel’s out in a clearing in the forest relatively near the village. Why she’s outside for this? She was told that these sort of exercises are best with fresh air! When she’s sure that she’d be completely alone, she lays out the book she borrowed from the library on the ground and attempts making a variety of poses, instructions and all.

The problem is that Noel is hardly flexible, so most of those poses are going to result in utter, dismal failure. But she can try! She can do this! This is great exercise! This is… meditation!

…feel free to walk in on her.]

Jul. 11th, 2011

the stream of tears

Rebel // 66 [Voice]

[This was it.

It was now or never.

Noel told herself and others that she wouldn't keep hiding forever. The more days that pass, the more empty that promise feels. You can't blame her, can you? She's been so scared. Facing them one at a time was enough, but to address a whole village was beyond something Noel was used to -- a village she's nearly destroyed.

She could run away. Just like all the other times.

But she won't.

There was no avoiding this. Even if the urge was strong, there was nowhere to go. This wasn't even something you could just... run from. For once, she would need to put her big girl pants on and run through with it. The conversations she'd held with the people she already spoke to are still fresh in her mind -- the words of encouragement telling her what to do. And in those last few days, she's been preparing for this. Painstakingly. Painfully. Just... pain.

How do you apologize for murdering people? For trying to murder them?

...and how could someone like Noel address everyone?

Luceti, you might be able to hear the feed playing, but no voice. The fumbling of what may be paper can be heard, though it's not seen. For the first time in weeks, Noel shows her face to everyone.

She looks terrified. Maybe even shaking a little, but she knows there's no turning back now. She feels like she can't speak, but she still manages to somehow force the words out.]

Um... c-citizens of Luceti. This is Noel Vermillion speaking. [Her eyes glance down and then back up.]

As many of you are aware, there was... a very dangerous incident that took place a few weeks ago. Many were injured, and some... died. [Wince.] Some of you are also aware that...

[...oh, come on, Noel. Not now with the wibbling. Not when you're talking to everyone in Luceti. She manages to take a deep breath, but the voice is strained:] ...th-that the perpetrator was... m-me.


Another glance.]
I know that what I did was horrible. I have hurt and upset so many. [...] I don't even know if apologizing for something like this will even change anything. H-However, I must make it clear that this was something I did not do on my own a... eh?


A... Accord...? Accord. --Th-The person I was back there wasn't something I could become at will. A few weeks prior to that incident, I was... kidnapped by the Malnosso. What I was back there was a result of their ex...perime-- mentation, but... um...

It was still... me.

[Almost done. Just keep reading-- er, speaking.]

I... want you all to know that I will make sure this doesn't happen again. And that I... [Another wince, and the pacing of her words quicken:] --am willing to answer your questions.

Thank... you.

[That should be the end. ...but it doesn't feel right. Noel crumbles the paper she held so tightly and lets it fall to the floor, her eyes shadowing.]

...and I'm sorry. I'm really, really, really sorry.


First order of business. Done. A few minutes later, she'll set up a filter for someone:]

[Filtered to Ragna // 95%]

Ragna, where are you? [...] I... I need to talk to you.

[ooc: coming off of the slowatus 8D]

Jun. 29th, 2011

what a jerk

Rebel // 65 [Action] forwarddated to evening

[Four days. Four days since her return, and Noel hasn't stepped foot outside of House 19. Frankly, she's a little terrified of what could happen, as paranoid as it sounded. ...then again, she probably had good reason for it, too. Murdering four and injuring dozens more doesn't come without its consequences, whether you could control it or not. Being as withdrawn as she already was, Noel had no trouble staying inside for however long possible and... trying to figure out how to handle this.

The longer she waits, though, the more frustrated she becomes. To the people who knew it was her... what could they be thinking of her? That she meant it? That she's a coward? The latter's more than accurate, but still--

Of course, if there's one thing Noel forgot, it's that she's also living with a stubborn jackass. And this jerk (ie. Ragna) wasn't going to sit around and coddle her forever over this. Soft as he may be, even Ragna knows that staying inside like this forever was unhealthy.

And that's why he was set on dragging her out today. After a long argument that probably consisted around calling Noel an idiot and the girl begging Ragna to give her more time, the two settled on a mutual decision -- go out during the evening, where she probably won't garner much attention from others. This is all to let her get a breath of fresh air, though, right? No harm done, they probably won't stay out for long--

Yeah, wrong. He's dragging her to Good Spirits, too. Thanks, Ragna. Really. Love the warning. B|

So. Evening. You may or may not catch a familiar pair outside in the dark, or later find them in the bar... though Noel may be inconspicuously trying to hide her face by keeping her head lowered most of the time.

She's scared. Very, very scared.

...but at least she's not completely alone.

OOC: Yeah, so this is a joint post... though, since Ragna isn't the most talkative guy, he may not be around all too much in threads where Noel's friends jump her and ignore the guy. \o Have at it.]

Jun. 17th, 2011

[Mu] - goddamn you all

Rebel // 64 [Action] PLAYER PLOT, forwarddated to June 18th!

[OOC: Okay, so there's two scenarios I've made that you guys can choose from. Here goes nothing.]

Scenario One (might be a little gory as a forewarning)Collapse )

Scenario TwoCollapse )

[OOC: Sorry if this is a little on the tl;dr side, and apologies for the delay. Lots of stuff happened this morning that I didn't expect. x_x Regardless, here it is! The battle log is going to be up in the evening sometime, so please hold for that. In any case, you all know the drill, I hope! If you have any questions, please IM me at emma591 on AIM. Replies will be from oneofsaya. Have fun!

ALSO! Threadjacking is encouraged for those who want their characters to be rescued. This might be necessary to prevent people from getting too hurt.]

May. 16th, 2011

cold as ice

Rebel // 63 [Voice]

[Major Kisaragi returned to Luceti a few days ago.

Major... Noel can't remember the last time she had seen or spoken to him. It had been months, surely, but he had clearly forgotten his time from before. Noel can't help but feel relieved, yet... she's still going to remain on-guard. Why? Because she lives with Ragna. It's silly, honestly. She defected from the NOL months ago and yet a part of her is calling herself a bad subordinate for acting this way to her superior officer. For being afraid of him. For being dishonest to him by living under the same roof as his brother. Hadn't she already been through this before? Was Nami's berating to her about this not enough? She knows now that she shouldn't trust the major (particularly when it concerns Ragna). She shouldn't feel guilty and yet she... does? What? Sometimes, Noel wonders if living with the guy is really the easier option.

...stupid, stupid, stupid.

And maybe, considering the last few weeks, her mood isn't helping her judgment. Yes--that experiment again. Something that was nearly a month ago now. Perhaps it's because there's been nothing to get these things off of her mind, but that experiment... it's still bothering her. She's still afraid to run into the people she interacted with back there. Isn't that stupid? Why does she always... act like that? When there's a problem, she runs away. For some reason, she sees it fit to just lock her feelings away and avoid the issue altogether.

Maybe if she just thought about something else instead... without thinking, she opens the journal and thinks to herself for a few passing seconds.

She always sees people asking questions, but she's always been too afraid to try it herself. Things like...]

"Would you stay here if..." [...no, no, NO. What is she doing!? WHO IS SHE EVEN SPEAKING TO!?!] --N-No, I'm sorry! That was a mistake! [...] Forget it!

[Sob. She slams the journal shut, but knowing Noel she'll eventually get curious and check back anyway and pray whatever response it may have received wasn't bad.

She needs to do something better than that. Isn't there anything... well, maybe? Kind of? But she doesn't know if...

"...get that experiment out of our heads..."


Filtered to Luke // 80%Collapse )

Apr. 26th, 2011


Rebel // 62 [Action] AU Event

drama conga dream lineCollapse )

[Noel awoke with a crash, having fallen out of bed and awakening just as she hit the ground. There was no immediate reaction from her, besides a low groan. She felt disgusting and even a little nauseous—her body was in a cold sweat and her heart was beating so fast.

The dream was still so vivid in her mind, and though she didn’t understand it (and besides the fact that it was just only a, you know, dream) it made her want to cry. Moments pass before she moved herself from the awkward position, only to realize that one of Nu’s cats had somehow gotten into the room and was staring at her, wide-eyed, as if she were crazy. It was exactly three in the morning, and thanks to that heat wave the night air was stifling.

When Noel reaches to pet the cat, it runs away.

Soon after, she realized that she could no longer sleep after the dream and, feeling she needed the air, sneaked outside to head to the plaza. It was early morning, so it wasn’t like there would be anyone around to poke at her… right? Still, the action in itself wasn’t like Noel. Had this dream—nightmare or whatever—really affected her so badly? She was aware of the messages going around the Journals about such dreams, that maybe it was another Shift (so soon?) , but… it continued to eat away at her mind. Just like the last two, sans less horrifying.

Eventually, she reached the plaza and sat herself down at the fountain. Here, she may be able to think a bit more clearly. Maybe. Who knows? But for now, Noel is a bit thankful for where she’s at.

Thankful that it was a, you know… dream.

The moon’s so bright tonight.]

Mar. 27th, 2011

[event] species switch

Rebel // 61 [Action]

[Somewhere within the village, someone may be able to hear the voice of Noel Vermillion screaming bloody murder. The only difference is that her voice may have gone up a few pitches.

You see, upon waking up as... this... Noel couldn't find her roommate and was unable to open her journal because of her form, so she somehow managed to escape and was fluttering about frantically until she... well.

Until she ran into a spiderweb. Unable to get herself free, (and being stuck in a WEB) Noel will continue to do what she does best in Luceti.]

S-Someone, anybody, please... h-help me! [*sob*] Hey!

[Where there is a web, there will be a spider. She keeps struggling to break free, but to no avail. Who wants to help Noel before she potentially becomes food?

ooc: replies will come from majorheymajor.]

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